About Us ..information about the hunt

What We Do


We have been serving hunters from all over the Northeast and South for 33 years!

We are a hunting camp for WHITETAIL DEER HUNTING. We provide hunts for archery, crossbow, and rifle. We offer fair chase deer hunting on over 200,000 acres of state land with no hunting pressure.

Archery Season: October and first 2 weeks in November

Rifle: 2 weeks after Thanksgiving. Sundays available.

The Hunt


You will be shown areas that have had trail cam sightings of big bucks seen in that area. For updates on trail camp pictures, check out our Facebook page!

You will hunt your spot 3 times before we move you to another location o you have the option to stay if you are seeing deer in the area. Some areas are close to camp and others are up to 20 miles away. It is completely up to you if you want to travel.

There are ladder stands, but you should bring a climber; they work the best for our stands. Ground blinds are okay.

We require you to shoot a buck first, but according to law, antler restrictions are 3 points to 1 side.

Your license is for buck only- $101

Archery is an additional cost- $27

Doe tags are a draw

Follow instructions via the PGC website  to purchase your license.



Per person- $750 per week.

3 or more people in a group- $695 per week.  6 day hunts. Arrive sunday, depart sunday. .mon.thru sat.hunt

Includes all home cooked meals, and lodging, plus the semi-guided hunts.

The Camp/Lodge: We provide a deer hunting camp atmosphere. We have 4 bunk rooms with TV's, LP heat, and 2 showers. There is a large kitchen area where the excellent meals are served in an "all you can eat" style. We serve continental breakfast in the morning, lunch or brunch at noon, and a full course dinner when you return from hunting. If you are staying out through lunch, we will pack you a lunch to-go.

We pride ourselves on being a DEER camp, not a "beer camp," so if you are coming to party, this is the wrong fit for you. However. social drinking is okay.